Membership FAQs

photo12Do I need a THJA membership to show Trillium?

You only require a THJA membership if you wish to collect points towards qualifying for the Trillium Championship Show, or Zone Awards. You may compete at a Trillium show without a THJA membership, but points are never retroactively awarded.

What documents do I need to compete at Trillium level?

Both the rider and the owner should have all of the following (valid and in good standing);

  • OE membership
  • EC sport licence
  • THJA membership
  • Horse Recording (also known as passport)

I purchased my THJA membership on the day of the show. Will my points count?

Points will be awarded from the date that membership is purchased via the THJA database. Unfortunately they cannot be awarded retroactively under any circumstances.

I purchased my THJA membership and changed my mind.  Can I get a refund?

Sadly refunds are not available at this time

I show in more than one zone. Can I collect points in more than one zone?  

You may collect points in more than one zone provided you have a valid membership for each zone in which you are collecting points. The same horse/rider combination may NOT collect points in more than one zone.  

If I am a member of Cheval Quebec do I need to become a member of OE in order to show in Ontario?

Cheval Quebec, or any other Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), such as Alberta Equestrian, Island Horse Council etc suffices as liability as they are virtually the same.  If you have further questions please reach out to your PSO directly

Can my 15 YO child teach lessons at a local barn without it affecting her amateur status at Trillium shows when competing?

Amateur status only applies to adults (18+). Please consult the Equestrian Canada Rule Book for further information